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Laugh Quietly To Yourself

It is used as an alternative to LOL because who REALLY LOL's EVERY TIME they write LOL?????
1st Guy "Dude, did you see what Laquisha did today?"

2nd Guy "Yeah I did! She is so funny!"

1st Guy "I know! lqty"
by Theshortcutmaster December 13, 2010
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-as opposed to LOL, because sometimes crude humor needs to be kept in check from people standing behind you, internet service providers and all goverment agencies.
person1- that's what I said to her after we broke-up.
person2 -ouch
person1-yep, and she knows it's true-

person2-I dont think you should havetil me that bro
by musclenugget September 12, 2016
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