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Refers to a type of scrotum that is loose, long, and fleshy. The ballsac prominently descends, unlike the more average snug sac. This scrotum type can make more of an impression by slapping against a sex partner's chin, anus, etc. Often referred to as a 'set of' referring to the matched pair of balls in a typical nutsac. (It's normal for them to dangle at unequal lengths.)
Look at the set of lowhangers on him! I'd love to roll them around in my mouth and then feel them slapping against my tits when he stands in front of me and fucks my face.

He sat gingerly on the cold bus station bench to avoid traumatizing his lowhangers which were protected only by the thin barrier of his loose nylon running shorts.
by mr pinky June 02, 2007
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refers to a man's balls that hang low from his body
I love to put his low hangers into my mouth and lick each one with my wet warm tongue
by Jerry and Seanster August 05, 2003
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Matt could feel the banging of Chuck's low hangers against his ass cheeks as Chuck pistoned in and out of Matt's hairy hole.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
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A noun describing the testicles of men who have testicles which are low hanging.
Jennifer loves the sound that Mike's low-hangers make when they have sex.

balls testicles
by TheBigCanucklehead March 19, 2015
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