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Young ganster (gangsta), gangster's child
I been pimpin' hoes since i was a lower case g
by Joel April 14, 2005
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1. a person who tries to be a G but fails miserabley.
2. a person that walks with a strut and talks shit, but is incapable of defending himself from the feeblest physical threat.
3. someone who thinks they are a G, but does not meet any of the criteria; a poser. Such an individual would throw gang signs at a night club in New York and immediately have his ass handed to him. This same person is likely from an upper-middle class nieghborhood and while he goes by a name like "Big EZ," his name is probably Clarence or William. This person will most likely have a grossly deficient social life.
4. someone like Eminem if you took away all the talent, fights, and history of living in a slum-like area.
Wayne, that lower case g, had his jerry-curl ass handed to him in an alley yesterday. It probably had to do with him singing Garth Brooks.
by munkynuts March 12, 2008
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