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It's a Roofers term~ A Lowdo is a fellow who is always broke ,bums smokes,trys too barrow money and never pays it back,doe's the least amount of work and always complains that he is'nt getting payed enuff ! Most of the White kids are this way when they get a job first time out Roofing !
that lowdo bummed all my smokes and won't get on the roof!

Nuff Said!
by Don Sumpter April 10, 2012
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This is a term used to describe a new recruit in the construction trades, namely roofing, who has no prior job experience, and poor work ethics. This person is always bumming cigarettes, borrowing money from co-workers (and not paying them back), does the least amount of work, and complains about not getting paid enough.
"That lowdo borrowed a twenty from me, and he hasn't been back to work since."
by jimmy ha-ha April 10, 2012
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