A tactic used by subreddits to easily remove posts.

Sometimes this is stupid as fuck, I mean how do you phrase a question, A QUESTION, to be "high effort/quality"?
This is just moronic.
r/idiotic/moronicsubredditnamehere Rule 4 low effort posts or low quality posts will be removed.
Question about a part, how its called, the subreddit: Lol no, low effort post. Questions have to be high quality even if you dont know what youre talking about because its a question.
by RTX superior to Apple M chips. September 11, 2022
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Any post that dismissing any considerations, such as research, proper grammars, the serious tone of the post, demographics, etc.

TLDR, it's the "politically correct" way to say any posts that nobody cares, nobody asked and tends to derail any mindful discussions
List of low effort post:
1. Memes
2. Shitposts
3. GIFs
4. One liners
5. Bumpposting
6. Necroposting
7. Stickers (or emojis)
by Sir. B July 19, 2021
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