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Ambient light sensor, if your ALS is fucked in your iPhone good luck getting it(truetone) back.
Doesnt appear to be paired on iPads, I wouldnt bet on it.
Jay: I cracked my ALS
Microsolderer: Say goodbye to truetone forever now or leave the Apple ecosystem to get open sourced.
Jay: Tf u talking about
Microsolderer: Apple aint right to repair buddy, go the other way, there is nothing we can do about it and Apple would just replace your phone or tell you to buy a new one instead of fixing.
(Typical conversation between the Apple user and the repair guy)
People that believe everything and follow the crowd. They don't question why it's done in that way and not like a rival's decision.
A combination of "sheep" and "people", as sheeps will just do what someone forces them to do.
Steve: It's so good that Apple pairs each component to their iPhones, they have such a great security!
Me: You're such a sheeple. They only do it for profits, if they did it for security you could pair each component yourself after replacement.
by RTX superior to Apple M chips. October 30, 2022
A tactic used by subreddits to easily remove posts.

Sometimes this is stupid as fuck, I mean how do you phrase a question, A QUESTION, to be "high effort/quality"?
This is just moronic.
r/idiotic/moronicsubredditnamehere Rule 4 low effort posts or low quality posts will be removed.
Question about a part, how its called, the subreddit: Lol no, low effort post. Questions have to be high quality even if you dont know what youre talking about because its a question.
by RTX superior to Apple M chips. September 11, 2022