noun for the feeling of horny summer evening vibes with shitty art and not so shitty music
winter depression is over baby. all for this lovingness vibe
Noun: a person who arrives a little bit late but does enough work that no one questions it
Adverb: That's a Lovingerly thing to do.
Transient Verb: I went and Lovingered with Selina this morning, so I'll be there at 2 PM.
e.g. Hi guys, Pendo meeting got pushed back to Monday morning, our AM called in sick. I have an appointment for a car at 11am, so doing a 'Lovinger' right now :grin:
by Mc_Lovin_ March 15, 2019
A person who performs/ shows great acts of love towards others.
Mary is always so lovingful towards everyone!
by Michelle Honn June 3, 2018