A strong plant substance that if you fire it and in hale the strong odor you will feel "high"
"A jesus you got that loud pack today,"."Yeah nigga you know me, I stay with the pack everyday "My nigga!," "you know I got you nigga I put that shit on the earth."
by Big Squeeze October 7, 2015
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A bag of very very strong smelling Kush (type of marijuana),that is sooo loud it overpowers every scent.
Smoking on this loud pack.
Bout to fire up this loud pack
by $exyRAyRay May 13, 2010
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As in a large group of carnivorous such as wolves, tigers, & jaguars who move together and roar loudly
Wolves move in a pack and during mating season they're called loud pack
by Gorman12 October 7, 2014
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