When you are about to do something and suddenly lose your nerve to complete the task at hand.
I was about to jump over my moms house on my bike but I lost balls at the last second when I realized that I don't have health insurance.
by Dirty D-ness November 17, 2007
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Similar to "Blue Balls," this is the phenomenon that occurs when a fan of the show LOST is anticipating the next episode or the outcome of the most recent pre-commercial cliffhanger, only to be let down when they discover that their questions are left unanswered.
Brian: "I thought for sure that they were finally going to reveal the Man In Black's real name."
Melinda: "Sounds like you got a case of LOST Balls!"
by brifrye June 3, 2010
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A person who does not know what they are doing, how to do it or possibly even where they are.
John: "What are you doing here!? You can't be here, its dangerous!"

William: "I'm sorry, I got confused as to where i'm supposed to be."

John: "Dude, you're a lost ball in high weeds."
by Jayy1989 April 15, 2010
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A derogatory term meaning:
1. When a dude lets others humiliate him without reprisal.
2. When a man allows someone to take his dignity (especially a woman).
3. When a man just gives up, or doesn't try anymore.
4. When a man loses everything in a divorce.
1. He just let them threat him like that, and just stood there and took it. He sure lost his balls.
2. Man, he sure lost his balls. His woman doesn't let him make any decisions. She's running the place.
3. He just dropped the bat in the middle of the game and quit for good. He really lost his balls.
4. She took him for everything. He even lost his balls.
by LaughinJack July 11, 2011
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When you just had a fucked up day. BIGTIME!

Man, everything seems to go wrong, I fucked up my calc class, blew up my first date, I really lost my balls today man.
by Kinky_ass_whippin November 15, 2007
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When something goes exactly as planned.

Everything pans out, with benefits.

A serious backhand in table tennis, at least 2900 level, not even giving much effort.

A kike who can use his backhand for table tennis and forging signatures for fraud insurance.

A jewish dentist who rips people off.

A scamming jew with an amazing backhand in table tennis.
"Petteeerrrr looook, I'm not even tryyinnngggg"... "The ball's lost!" Gary Osmanoff yells as he beats Adam Hugh 11-4 the first game.

"If you give the ball to my backhand...... THE BALL IS LOST."
by Gary Osmanoff November 2, 2011
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