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The phenomenon where a Facebook user temporarily loses control of his or her brain function as a result of (or leading to) an endless loop of reading status updates and trolling through profile pages. Often occurs as a result of procrastination or boredom.
Oh, no! What time is it? I must have been in a Facebook Coma. The last thing I remember was signing on...
by brifrye June 3, 2010
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Similar to "Blue Balls," this is the phenomenon that occurs when a fan of the show LOST is anticipating the next episode or the outcome of the most recent pre-commercial cliffhanger, only to be let down when they discover that their questions are left unanswered.
Brian: "I thought for sure that they were finally going to reveal the Man In Black's real name."
Melinda: "Sounds like you got a case of LOST Balls!"
by brifrye June 3, 2010
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