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A nickname for laura, the cutest most charming girl that you will ever know. She always knows what to say even when times are as tough as they can possibly get, also she is extremely smart but she also knows how to party like an animal. A plus point for lorra is that even though she is very cute she has a deep hidden sex beast within her that she only let's out at very special occasions.
Have you met lorra, she is so cool!

I got to meet lorras hidden talents last night at the party, I had no idea that such a nice girl could turn my world around like that!
by Capelgold March 13, 2013
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1. See laura.

2. Part of Cilla Black's most well-known catchprase: "Lorra lorra laughs".
1. People named Lorra have difficulty finding novelty mugs.

2. "Lorra lorra laughs" really means "Lotta lotta laughs", but due to CB's heavy accent is usually misunderstood by others.
by GoOnGoOnGoOn February 06, 2009
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