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(adjective): Derived from the original Swahili, the word "loopotoxing" is known by only a select few people in the nation. Its sheer obscenity makes it amoung the most foul curse words in the English language, including the "f-word", the "c-word", and the "k-word". Although the word is used in certain situations, its actually meaning is vague, but when translated from Swahili most likely means "to burn in the flaming pits of Hell for an eternity of eternities while being raped gored by the horns of one thousand demons". It can take on different parts of speech like the "f-word" inclunding a noun (loopotox), a verb (loopotox, or loopotoxed), or the most common adjective or adverb (loopotoxing, loopotoxingly). This word is used to express an unexplainable amountof hatred or frustration, and must not be used frequently.
It was so loopotoxing hot in the building that I thought I was going to suffocate.

The girl could sing like an angel, but could not dance for loopotox.
by Stephen Boner November 04, 2006
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