boring and long in speaking or writing, wherein there does not seem to be much particular relevance or significance; as such is typically extolled by individuals who are oblivous and synonymously known as a gas bag, wind bag, blow hard, bloviate, etc.; or, otherwise, is expressed by a persons who is so over fraught with an idea that they are not able to explain it plain and simply.
Example 1: The President of the Board of Commissioners is a real blow hard, as it never fails that he has to stonewall through the entire meeting and grandstand everyone with his long winded sessions, not letting anyone have equal time to particpate or counter his position.

Example 2: She failed to get support from voters when she made a long winded presentation to the Board of Commissioners, instead of a well planned out and well considered offer.
by Z Last Words October 3, 2009
A long winded but short witted individual who can talk for hours about things he has no clue about.
by John hgfyugyighuhyu May 20, 2005
Someone who is constantly talking & repeating verbal garbage that comes across as brazen & contrived which also happens to smell like a smelly Fart
Annette was buzzing in everyone's ear about process-flow, productivity numbers and metrics during our weekly "Long Winded Fart-Hole conference call."
by Jimmny Cricket November 9, 2011
Refers to any meeting between two or more people that takes place after they have all partaken of voluminous quantities of baked beans or spiced cabbage, resulting in a comparably voluminous quantity of drawn-out butt-trumpet rasps.
"July is National baked bean Month" Pppppppp-rrrrrttttt. "Excuse me." Google "baked beans speech" for the entire hilarious long-winded discussion.
by QuacksO February 1, 2017