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The word is kinda like omg, but + lol
"lol omg"
However dont think have to do someting with zomg
zomg is for surprise
lomg is for mega laughter =D
laughting out loud and saying oh my god at the same time ;)
1: Hey dude look at that picture here >
2: LOMG!!! who is that ? :p
hahahahah oh my god *crying from laughter*, dude that is cool
by Krasen August 14, 2006
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A combination of LOL and OMG, LOMG is where you are typing LOL and teh funny is upgraded mid key-stroke to an OMG. Much more powerful expression than ZOMG
h4x0r: lollerskates dude, that guy just ate his own face!
pwn3r4t0r: LOMG I just did it too!
by skoaner January 21, 2006
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