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Lolling may be achieved by the use of quality lollerblade sportswear.

While roffleskates may allow one to achieve a mild form of lolling... Maximum fun may only be reached with superior Lollerblade brand lollerblades designed for extreme lollerblading. OMGWTFBBQ!!
lololololo0llolLoLol0Lololol0lOlolloLOOlOloLoloOlolO0l~!!!!!!!!@!1111 !! LOLLOLOLLOL!!!!!!!!! LOLOLO)O)O!!!! l0o0o0o!)O0o0O!)O0o!!!!!!!~!@@!#
by Hamster Alliance January 13, 2004
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Transportational footwear with added LOL.
"I'm just lollerblading around the loller-rink. I might go on the lollercoaster later"
by parp March 13, 2003
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Noun. 1) Used to express that you believe something is extremely funny. Typically funnier than a situation where one would use lollerskates.

Noun. 2)Really cool roller blades
1) -something funny- <depends on your sense of humor>
Response: lollerblades!

2) Don't you hate when you put on a fresh pair of pants and then have bad gas all day?
Response: lollerblades

3) I'll get my lollerblades.
4) Nice lollerblades!
by Black Rabt May 02, 2008
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Often related to the Roflknife the lollerblade is used as more of a cutting and hacking use and a slice and dice of the roflknife
Fred: oh hai wats up

Jim: Oh, nm just got hacked to death with the lollerblade
by M 2 the arshall July 13, 2008
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