8 definitions by Hamster Alliance

1. A situation which is obviously doomed to failure before it even happens.
2. A person who seems to fail automatically without even trying.
1. This isn't going to work, this is stupid. We're just heating up a bowl of microwave instant fail, I can see it already.
2. That guy over there must have his pockets filled with microwavable instant fail, just inhaling the packets without even bothering to add water.
by Hamster Alliance August 12, 2007
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Yo, means to confer with yo brothas in order to come to terms or reach an agreement.

When is negrotiation useful?

1. When some niggas got a nine on yo skull it's time to negrotiate.

2. When you's itchin fo an ounce but u ain't got da benjamins, you might have to negrotiate da price.
1. ...Oh, snap. I think I just shit mah pants...can we talk negro to negro?

2. Man, I only got $240, I ain't got $260, nigga.
by Hamster Alliance December 18, 2004
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1. Originates from Wrestling. A "No Holds Barred" Match simply meant all holds or grabs were allowed.

2. completely unrestrained. being engaged in something without restraint or control.

3. A Hulk Hogan movie.
1: "A No Holds Barred fight to the death."

2: "Our sex is totally no holds barred. Once he jabbed out my eyes and shit in the sockets."

Example of a No Holds Barred conversation:
Guy 1: "Hey, Matt."
Guy 2: "Hi, I fistfucked your grandmother and pissed in her mouth."
Guy 1: "Fuck you!"
Guy 2: "No thanks, your sister already did."
Guy 1: "..."
Guy 2: "Her tits are really big for a 14 yr old."
by Hamster Alliance March 21, 2004
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Lolling may be achieved by the use of quality lollerblade sportswear.

While roffleskates may allow one to achieve a mild form of lolling... Maximum fun may only be reached with superior Lollerblade brand lollerblades designed for extreme lollerblading. OMGWTFBBQ!!
lololololo0llolLoLol0Lololol0lOlolloLOOlOloLoloOlolO0l~!!!!!!!!@!1111 !! LOLLOLOLLOL!!!!!!!!! LOLOLO)O)O!!!! l0o0o0o!)O0o0O!)O0o!!!!!!!~!@@!#
by Hamster Alliance January 13, 2004
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Packbawky / Packbawkies - Noun.

A Socarism: Any species of noisy obnoxious bird. Especially in groups...that shit on your car.

Derived from Latin: gelamen - "gathering" ; bacchatus - "enraged".
1. "You dirty packbawkies, Get off my porch!!"

2. "Daniel's nothing but a filthy packbawky."
by Hamster Alliance January 14, 2004
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1. The teachings of Socar Myles.
Gorblimey. Bugger. Dirty Packbawky. Sod, trod, kipping and summat like that. Dirtbox. Cunt. Ar0o0o0o0o!!!
by Hamster Alliance January 14, 2004
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Something that is very impressive.

Synonyms: Wicked | Tight | Phat
"Whoa, did you see that bird get sucked into the jet engine!? "
"That was totally side."
by Hamster Alliance September 11, 2007
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