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Or "Oh Hi" Derived from the epic pictures of lolcats. Used when something the cat, dog, aardvark, long cat, etc. sees something surprising or interesting yet is not limited to.
"Oh hai guys

"Oh hai, iz all packed"

"Oh hai, diz chair taken, k?"
by Jw307Jw June 19, 2008
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a greeting often used by so called "scene kids" or myspace users who've grown bored of normal greetings such as "hey" and "hello".
jennifer: hey molly! what's up?
molly: ohhai!
by butterworth June 01, 2009
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a noun to describe a brod you'd like to say "oh hai " to; a hot babe

An average looking babe is an "oh half hai"
An unfortunate looking babe is a "oh not so hai"

The hotter the dame, the longer the Haaaaaaaai
-Have you seen the Smith Sisters?
-No are they "oh hai?"

-Morgan is an 'Oh haaaaaiiii'
Jen is a 'oh half hai'
but the youngest is a 'oh not so hai'

-Id bang the first 2 fo sho and prob the young one too, cause im gangsta.
by ohhaihai November 16, 2010
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