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A tall and attractive girl who is always there for her boy. She will always look young and beautiful on the outside though is very sensitive inside. Although she might seem sweet, she's always ready for self defense if anything has happened to her. Lojain is hot, sexy and peng and is loved by many people.As well as her beauty, she's very smart and a bookworm! She is such a tomboy when she wants to be and loves football.
Boy 1: OMG look at that amazing girl!
Boy 2: Oh yeah, she's such a Lojain....!
by def.initons April 05, 2017
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a VERY beautiful girl who makes a great friend. has good grades, kind personality, and lots of friends. a lojain is a great listener who is always there for you.
boy #1: wife her up.
boy #2: why?
boy #1: she's a total lojain!
by jordyn t:) January 08, 2017
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