One of the few outdoor basketball courts in the Epping area in Sydney. Despite its famed reputation, it is the biggest shithole in the city, populated by masses of university students and individuals of asian origin who make up the demographic of the suburb. Also frequented by the Jaydogs. Used as a metonym for playing basketball to the point where it has become a description for individuals who play basketball. It is constantly being threatened by arsons.
Oi lets loftus tomorrow. (play basketball tomorrow)

Is he a loftus? (does he play basketball)

Loftus will burn.
by JaydonZhao March 31, 2011
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The second worst suburb in Sydney behind Kingsgrove. Loftus is a naturally occuring cesspool where rare breeds of rodents multiply and flourish.
One day, i was walking around in the shire and suddenly, i found i was lost in Loftus!! it took me 3 and a half days to find another person. and he didn't have a phone. it took me another 2 whole weeks to find a phone. then i was rescued
by MUNG June 11, 2004
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A beautiful place located in the shire. It is also the center of the universe and has an abnormally high elevation. People are friendly, offten lending fellow loftus dwellers favours without a second thought. The bushland is in pristine condition, providing a spectacular view for onlookers and bushwalkers alike.
1) Man, just passing through loftus was awesome!!! I wished i lived there!
2) Loftus is so high up, i can see tasmania from here!
3) Wow we're in the centre of the universe- we're in loftus!
by stingo October 10, 2005
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1. Suburb located in the Shire; the natural bushland is in pristine condition. There is a strong sense of community with happiness and peace abounding plentifully.
As i was walking along the soft padded pathway of loftus, the soft sunlight streamed through the branches of the leafy trees lining the path, creating a golden halo of light around my head. Suddenly i felt a cool gentle breeze on my cheeks; fragrant petals showered from the trees above around me - I felt like i was in heaven.
by franky June 09, 2004
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The ghetto of the sutherland shire

Will apear on google earth as a block spot

has a service station

has a bottle-o
"roll ur windows up, we're passing through loftus"
by *tweeked* September 01, 2006
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one who participates in gay porn quite often and enjoys it.
guy 1: hey man i heard michael participates in gay porn?

guy 2: really? he's sucha loftus.

guy 1: yeah i wonder if his family knows.
by michelle haha February 02, 2009
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Jerk or stupid guy. This guy has plenty of lofty ideals but is an idiot.
That guy is a total loftus- always saying something dumb.
No, you fools, you are all loftuses.
by Sara N. September 17, 2006
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