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A dog of the Jaydon variety. Origin and pedigree are unknown as they tend to exhibit features characteric of Asian animals (small eyes) as well as African (curly hair). Habitat varies, but they tend to be concentrated in the Carlingford/Epping area, or similar Asian ghettos. Can also be found congregrating around any basketball courts, most famously the renowned Loftus. Despite their small stature, they are exceptional athletes, with the driving ability of Derrick Rose and the jump shot of Rajon Rondo. Generally display human characteristics (bipedal) but under pressure (defended aggresively) often revert to their dog-like tendecies, crawling on all fours and panting. Also watches Korean drama and has a sexy man bag.
Teacher:Are we missing anyone?
Retard: No one. Except a dog of the Jaydog variety.

Person : Hey lets loftus.
Jaydog: Nah fuck ya. I gotta watch dream high.
Person: Fucking Jaydog.
by JaydonZhao April 22, 2011
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One of the few outdoor basketball courts in the Epping area in Sydney. Despite its famed reputation, it is the biggest shithole in the city, populated by masses of university students and individuals of asian origin who make up the demographic of the suburb. Also frequented by the Jaydogs. Used as a metonym for playing basketball to the point where it has become a description for individuals who play basketball. It is constantly being threatened by arsons.
Oi lets loftus tomorrow. (play basketball tomorrow)

Is he a loftus? (does he play basketball)

Loftus will burn.
by JaydonZhao March 31, 2011
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Used as a synonym for a pussy white boy with cultural misconceptions and unsure of his biological parents (likely that mother was impregnated by a milkman) . Can be used in a variety of contexts, including-expletive, noun and verb. Used to describe a cowardly act by shit talking white boy.
Guy 1: Oi faggot ask that chick out.
Guy 2: Nah, I'm busy
Guy 1: Fucking Rohan.

Guy 1: Hey come loftus tomorrow.
Guy 2: Nah I got to study. I would destroy you anyway.
Guy 1: Stop fucking rohan.
by JaydonZhao March 31, 2011
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