used as a strong word to decribe something/ also used as an insult.
ex. Lofasz i forgot to bring my wallet. or
lofasz a segedben, meaning horsedick in your ass
by zed4u June 20, 2007
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it means "horse dick" in exact translation, however, lofasz can be used for anything you could use "fuck".
"Feri, mi a lofasz tortent veled?
-Miota elhagyott a csajom, csak vedelek, lofaszt sem er az elet! :("
by canadianaxyz February 1, 2021
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lofasz is horse penis in hungarian not dick, if it would be dick it would be spelled like ~ló tök~ but it's ~lófasz~ . Usually it's used as an insult, hungarians tend to use it a lot :))
The harshness of it depends on the context and to whom / what you address it.
-Ez mi a lofasz?
-NEm tudom, sosem lattam ilyent meg! :))
by csacska macska May 7, 2009
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