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one letter away from loser but this does not mean the person who has this name is anything close to that! A unique last name that the coolest of all cool people have. Makes for many great nickmanes. such as LO LOES LOE ect.
Jessica LOESER is the coolest person in Revere.
by Jayloesss July 06, 2008
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Some kid who is probably the ugliest piece of dog shit in the fucking world. A person who is generally disliked by all for one or all of the following reasons in addition to being incredibly ugly. 1. He plays this damn game where if you look at him with his hands in circles over his eyes you have to touch your right shoulder to the ground. 2. He sounds like a dying cow with a punctured lung and laryngitis having a kinky menage a trois with an obese jackalope and a dolphin who doesn't want it. 3. That kid who hangs around when your chillin with your bros and he just shows up and your like "Go Away" and he pretends not to hear you and just lurks around you being really awkward.
Harry "I am so pissed off right now, I feel like smacking someone in the face."
Dick "Why?"

Harry "Because that creepy kid is being such a Loeser when I was chillin wit' my bros.
by JackAttack(more like an ambush February 26, 2010
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