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Acronym for Loyalty Over Everything

LOE is a movement started in the DMV area.
Following LOE is keeping it 100 and staying true to your hood and your fam.
by keepsit100 July 17, 2011
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A word that symbolizes a feeling so beyond normal love that the v has been omitted. Is widely considered far stronger than normal love and is only shared between deep, true soulmates.
"Love does not say what I mean anymore. My angel, I think...I think I loe you."
by God of Loe April 09, 2010
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More than love.

Typically a misspelling of the word love while typing
"I loe you!"
"Awww, i loe you too!!!"
by lyssim July 02, 2009
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usually refering to a low-life,loser and hoe at the same time..
dang u see that girl,shes such a loe!!!
by Natty a.k.a day dai February 16, 2006
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