When you nut in a sock, put that sock in a girl’s mouth and you lock her in a locker for a day
I locked that hoe up in Davy jones’s locker😤
by Derps236 November 05, 2018
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The place all men want to be in. the holiest of grails.
The gal's locker room is hawt
by Knee-Grow united March 25, 2019
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When you are giving a blow job while receiving a foot rub.
My girl agreed to to a foot locker because she wouldn't give me head unless I gave her a foot rub.
by Betty McNasty December 08, 2019
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While motor-boating the tits the girl traps your head by squeezing them hard
So I hooked up with this one chick last night!!!! It was sooo good except when I passed out when she gave me a titty locker!
by fucking titties on my ass January 19, 2010
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