A magical stone of unknown origin.
possibly glowing and saturated in magical powers
stoned retard 1: guess whats in my hands...
stoned retard 2: omg! what! what is it? is it scary?
stoned retard 1: no...its a loadstone
stoned retard 2: omfg! aaah!
by rubi February 11, 2006
A vaginal loadstone, loadstone deriving from the purest form of magnet, is something / someone attractive to women generaly taking on the meaning of fanny magnet.
That car is one hell of a vaginal loadstone!
by gingery September 16, 2006
A kidney stone that gets trapped in the ureathra, but is pushed out by a fat load of cum.
Bertha: You still having trouble peeing?
Gordon: Nah, I shot out a loadstone last night so we're all good now.
by chigg bungus October 9, 2021