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An initialism of the phrase "Late Night Shopping", an event that usually takes place on a Thursday or Friday night where stores and malls are open later than other nights.
Samantha: "OMG Britney! Are you coming lns with us on Thursday? I need to pick up a new dress and some tampons."

Britney: "Of course I am! Its the only thing to do on Thursday nights!"

Bill: "Hey man. Wanna go lns tonight?"

Bob: "No. Its full of derros and 14 year old sluts"

Bill: "Oh. Yeah. I guess you're right."
by TomVlox December 04, 2012
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LNS is a North Nashville gang. A mixture of crips, bloods, etc. LNS stands for 'Last Niggas Standing'. They are mostly known to be on 17th or 16th. Though they run the whole neighborhood on many streets. You might have heard about them with their beef with TTG (TheTrvpGodz), another gang with a mixture of crips and bloods. LNS isn't feared by many, but they should be. Them niggas really 'bout that action.
Gang gang! LNS 1700 is my gang and I tell my niggas "L Safe"!
by LNSGangGang1700Bitkh May 17, 2016
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LNS or Lazy-Nigger-Syndrome. symptoms are: repetative lateness everywhere ie. work, family functions, court dates. Non-willingness to do anything physical.Early stages of LGFNNS
greg has been comming in late to work every day this week. i hope he isn't comming down with LNS.
by the dil April 03, 2004
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Legit No Shit. Used to convey the reality of a statement or description.
Dude... she drank 18 shots of tequila before she passed out. LNS.
by JessLewis June 10, 2010
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"Let Notifications Stop!"

Said on Facebook when you keep getting a flood of notices because your friends are arguing on a picture or post you commented on.
You: Nice pic!


Friend 1: I insist that you are prettier!
Friend 2: No way! You're much more gorgeous!
Friend 1: hahah Nooo you are!
Friend 2: No you!

(This continues for a while)

Friend 2: Really, you are much prettier.
You: LNS, I say!
by Lilly Andromeda June 29, 2011
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Local Neighborhood Slut ( a Slut in your local neighborhood)

Came from seeing sluts in your local neighborhood so LNS
Every neightborhood has them''LNS'' lol (you know who they are)
by Street King!! February 06, 2011
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