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the acronym means "laughing my fucking titties off"
used when somone titties fall off because of how hard the individual is laughing.
Cameron: lmfto Jule's finna be ma bestie.
Reedy: hahaha my titties fell off!
by 305smash March 22, 2010
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Definition of LMFTO - Laugh My Fucking Titties Off.

When you laugh so hard that dem pops drop!
Shkisha: ''Yo I was hanging with my girls and we was talking about some fucked shit.''
Laquisha: ''Oh really, so what's the haps, hoe?''
Shkisha: ''Aye this bitch said some funny shit that I lmfto!''
Laquisha: ''Nah, you lying!''
Shkisha: ''Nah I aint gasing, I am for real! I am legit!''
by YoDaddy #69 May 15, 2016
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