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lmaoi, laughing my ass off on the inside. can also be typecast as lmao(i).
used when you aren't actually laughing your ass off, but you are mentally.
text #1: why did the chicken cross the road?
text #2: oh i dunno, why?
text #1: to get to the other side! idiot! hahahahaha.
text #2: lmaoi!
by justin burchete July 27, 2010
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Person #1: more sagat brokenness. seriously. whats the point capcom? whats the freaking point. (regarding Street Fighter 4)

Person #2: lmaois
by Ms.Anthropy May 16, 2009
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Laughing my ass off indulgently.

The act of laughing so hard you forget what you are laughing at so you forget all meaning of the universe and feel the need to be generous to everyone around you.
"lmaoi I suddenly feel the need to give you this $100 note. Btw what year is it?"
by Panda.Butt January 14, 2018
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