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when you are required to work with someone you hate to the point of wanting to puke at hearing their voice, or feeling their rumble through the office as they approach, much less having to deal with them at a face to face level.
Olga just got assigned to my new project. I just f*cking got litz'd!
by egotistical July 22, 2009
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when you are drinking heavely and get a change in consistancy of your shit and an extraordinary frequency of shiting... much like the shits but not as watery and associated with liqour
omg after i downed that bottle of jack i got the litz so bad the toilet cryed
by spank the monkey April 04, 2005
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Not good, lame, a real disappointment, failing in many areas - Also goes well after a failed punchline to express lameness
That movie was so litz, the only thing litzer was waiting ages for that litz loser to show up
by seditionp December 18, 2009
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