A thing scout says, usually said before doing something violent.
Heavy: *eating sandvich*
Scout: Yo, what’s up
Also scout: BONK
by ScytheyBoi October 19, 2020
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“Yo what’s up it’s ya boy young megaphone” is another way of saying hi but for cringey people that are addicted to TikTok (me)
“Yo what’s up it’s ya boy young megaphone how a are you today
by Tik tok addiction 101 September 6, 2019
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Something you say to a dog to calm them down; you may have to replace "MJ" with the dog's actualy name.
Originated from when I was playing with my sis's boyfriend's dog (which is shortened to the initials MJ). Then I said that cause I was bored and she was trying to jump on me.

Me: Mary, stay down!
*dog is jumping at me*
Me: Yo MJ what up dog?
*she stops jumping at me*
by kalley treay June 9, 2007
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