Watching a girl walk towards you in a pair of tight ski pants.
Natasha seemed to be getting a lot of stares in her new ski pants. The boys were not listening to what she said, just lip reading intently.
by domino woodstock October 25, 2013
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The geniuses who take terrible songs and turn them into masterpieces.
I heard Rebecca Black made a parody of Bad Lip Reading's Gang Fight.
by hic2482w June 27, 2011
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Bulgarian lip reading is the art of moving your lips as quickly as possible as if speaking Bulgarian while your mouth is connected to your wife's vagina! I.E licking out the old puuuuuusssssy!!
Husband :- Darling shall we partake in a little Bulgarian lip reading?

Wife :- yes darling

Husband :- spread them wide then my dear!
by The clit tickler October 18, 2013
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