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The emailing or posting of internet links to others with the purpose of supporting one side of a heated argument.
Joe writes his friend, "At, you can see how my point has been proven and many cases show clear cause and effect."
Mary responds to Joe and begins a link war by writing back, "More thorough research done by at shows that the research in the study has been proven to be causally insignificant."
by mprest November 28, 2009
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Fiercer than religious wars. Fought between two tweeps or more, using link after link,on what the truth about a subject be
My TL is being spammed by link wars about some content on Wikipedia

What do I do now? Two of my Twitter friends wont talk after a link war about grammar
by kaalika July 23, 2011
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On internet discussion and debate forums, a form of argumentum ad lapidem or argument of the stone used in response to another poster to dismiss that posters argument without review or consideration. Generally, this is done in response to posts that contain links to material that supplement, explain, and support the points of the poster providing the links. The responding poster has no valid argument for the material linked and dismisses it without review of the merits of the material.
His argument was shredded and all he could do was post Link War.
Into the Night could not respond intelligently to the post so he dismissed it all by declaring it was a Link War.
by IB DaMann July 17, 2017
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