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Makeup company created by well-known scam artist, Xenia. When not threatening bloggers with false lawsuits or encouraging her fans to harass said bloggers because of a bad review, she's actively repackaging her "super original" eyeshadows and creating poor quality lipsticks while slapping a huge price tag on them. She has also been known to create a "BAWW" video about how everyone is out to get her.
I can't believe I paid $16 for this awful Limecrime lipstick!
by Sassy Suzy June 25, 2010
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Lime Crime was created by the Russian-born designer Xenia Vorotova. Miss Xenia or Limey as she’s referred to by her fans starting designing DIY fashion late 2002 calling her designs fashion for “Little Big Girls” which consisted of Lolita-like dresses paired with petticoats and mary janes. It was indeed a style for girls of all ages who wanted that porcelain doll look. She then took her designs in a different direction with bright colors, wild prints, and witchy poo stripes coordinated with wild makeup that the lovely Xenia thoughtfully produced free tutorials for. In the spring of ’06 she then chose another style she lovingly referred to as “A Little Bit Country for the Urban Girl” which was inspired by her love of vintage & Japanese street fashion. The look could only be described as comfortably chic with its array of feminine babydolls, ruffled tops and dresses. Ever changing like the chameleon she is Miss Limey has once again taking another direction with her designs this time turning to haute couture, Her new line (which is to be launched in the fall) consists of short, short (think Twiggy/60s Mod inspired) dresses accessorized with adorable lacey tights and chunky heel patent leather shoes. There’s no doubt about it this girl has style and talent, having been featured in several publications and fashion websites including MF Magazine and Bust Magazine Xenia is loved around the world from North America to Japan and everywhere in between for her superior sense of fashion.
LimeCrime: Designs for Little Big Girls
Limecrime makeup tutorials
Limecrime: A Little Bit Country for an Urban Girl
by Akira F. October 22, 2006
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Limecrime is the fashion label created by the very sexy Xenia, also referred to as Limey. Her website also houses make-up tutorials, and one of the fastest growing forums on the net, which features beauty, fashion, diy, body mod., humour and SOOOOOOOO much more.
1) oooooooooh....that sexy neon dress is SOOOOOo Limecrime.
2) what to do, what to do....i really need the Limecrime girls right now.
by Jessica J September 25, 2006
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Fashion label created in 2003 by animal rights activist, singer, model, and makeup artist Xenia Vorotova. Best known for her outrageous, over-the-top clothing designs and makeup tutorials that inspired many of today's club looks. Clothing line closed in February 2006 so that Xenia could dedicate all her time to animal causes.
Everyone who's anyone in the fashion biz NEEDS to own at least one Limecrime original!
by Jessica Rabbit March 21, 2007
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