Lilly-Ann is a sweet girl until angered, she Has an amazing body and has no problems with finding a relationship. Lilly-Ann is strong and hotheaded but also very loving
by Thiccyviccy May 13, 2018
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An amazing blue-eyed blondie who puts every one else before herself and has great taste in men. She has the greatest smile and has cute little dimples. Most people see her for some one ugly but inside she is one of the most beautiful human beings. Lilly Ann deserves people to tell her she is beautiful and people do fancy her because inside she hates herself. She thinks she is ugly and is depressed for her ‘ugliness’. Lilly Ann is a person you can talk to about anything with out worrying she’ll tell some one’ she’ll keep it to herself and only herself.
Lilly Ann is such a caring and kind-hearted person
by Bailey731 May 12, 2018
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