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Lihi - is a Hebrew name which is written in Hebrew like this ליהיא.
The definition for lihi is she’s mine , li - she’s hi - mine .
There’s is two ways to write lihi , one way like what I’ve olready written, and the second way is ליהי , there’s another meaning for this one from the Bible.

The nickname for Lihi is Lilush , Lili , Lilo and more..
You can write lihi in other ways , lihie , leehee , leehi , and more ...
For example:
Guy 1 : hey Lihi

Guy 2: hey Lihie

And it’ll be the same thing but the definition for the words are differents.
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by Moodyboy January 04, 2018
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a girl who just loves hannah montana!

and she LOVES the song nobody's perfect as well
she's beautiful and funny and of course kind
it is so much fun to be with lihi
especially if she is lihi tal cos then she is super cool!
guy 1: omg lihi i miss u!
guy 2: i miss her way more!shes my girlfriend
guy 3: no way she is MINE
girl 1: no she isn't she's mine i wish lihi was here the party sucks without her
girl 2: I know!!!!
girl 3: aww lihi your so nice :)
by immabe123 May 11, 2011
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