the couple you know who is breaking up like every other week. they are on and off all the time.
A: hey is tim bringing his girlfriend tonight?
B: no i dont think theyre together right now
A: oh, well he told me they were a few days ago
B: yeah well theyre in a light switch relationship so you never know when theyre going out.
by the onion! June 01, 2007
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when two people...most often gay...have a relationship that is on off on off. noone can ever keep up
a: Hey are you off to see ash tonite?
b: nah we broke up. i even deleted him off facebook
a: again?! ten bucks says your back together within a week
b: nah no way. its over. im single
a: man you guys are having a light switch relationship
b: your such a bitch
a: bet you your back on within a few days
by tootlepip March 17, 2010
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when you keep goin back out with the same person a bunch of times.
i love this gurl to bad we have a light switch relationship
by Solomon Williams November 21, 2006
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