A phrase shortening and combining the words lick and them meaning "lick my balls"
Dave: Want to go to the mall later ?
Steve: Lick em dave.
by ErikTheBeast February 28, 2006
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to lick someone's nuts,a synonym of :suck on these, followed by a "hand grabbing balls" gesture.
Shakim:'Git control a yo girl for I take 'er fo mysel''

by Rob's Luvr May 22, 2004
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A phrase used to show scorn; can be used by/directed at either gender.

Also an interesting catchphrase used by the hottest girl in the world, Hannah Ranck, when speaking to me about certain people we dislike.
She called you a bitch? Tell her to lick em.

World War II baby, LICK EM!
by Lacey February 10, 2004
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A phrase stated as a command to thwart someone's attempts to belittle you or others that you are standing up for. Note: this command is usually never taken seriously!
"Listen here D-Rail, lickem!"
by Oovan July 05, 2005
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made up by the williamson/cecil family
the word can mean any thing. it could be use as an insult or a greeting or as a good bye.
it really mean any thing you want it to.and in any way.
lick'emjosh lickem.

lick'em you can lick'em fag

lick them in correct way to use word
as an insult
1.josh:your a dumb ass.

as a greeting
2.josh:hey jeff
jeff:lick'em josh

as a goodbye
3.josh:see you latter jeff

see it can be used in any way.and no it dose not mean lick my balls or pussy or what not it means any thing you want it to.its a fun word and a vary good diss lol

by jeffrey scott williamson 2 January 23, 2008
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