Full of sexual lust, lustful, lewd, lascivious.
He found it unfair that although he was an amazing online gamer, he would never be able to share his libidinous urges with all the ladies of the world.
by Bad Words The Movie March 17, 2014
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this is an old word from the english language no longer used.. however, i am now using it.. it means lust provoking.
DAMN yo- that girl is just too damn libidinous, i want to go hump her like a little pup.
by Samantha January 4, 2005
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An attachment of strong, intense emotional energies to an issue, person, concept, etc., in such a way that one pays special attention to issues surrounding it and one reacts strongly to discussions and changes affecting it. Includes, but is not limited to, sexual and sublimated sexual attachments.

The term is psychoanalytic in origin and is widely used in cultural studies.
Right-wingers often have a strong libidinal investment in the idea of authority, so that they experience threats to authority almost as if they are threatened personally. This may be due to an Oedipal fixation in which their sense of personal identity fuses with that of the father, as threatening authority-figure, so as to enable the repression of castration-threat anxiety.
by Andy May 9, 2004
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A metaphysical framework developed by the philosopher Nick Land which posits that thought and language are inadequate to know the Real. You have to be afflicted by the Real through affect, and that is the only way you can truly know it.
Libidinal Materialism says that reality is stored in the balls.
by PulsatingShadow December 11, 2020
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