lhs is short for 'lets have sex'
girl: hey, lhs
guy: okay.
by lshtomorrow August 04, 2009
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An acronym added at the end of a message or post to indicate a light-hearted tone. Similar to /j or /s
Person 1: What if we put hotdogs in bowls full of ketchup? Would it be hotdog stew?

Person 2: I hate that. You're going to hell /lh

Person 1: :P
by September 14, 2020
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A tone indicator put at the end of an online message that indicates the message is said in a lighthearted manner. Especially helpful in situations where one wants to argue for their point, but wants others to know they're not that worked up about it.
A: I hate red. It's an ugly color.
B: Aw, that makes me sad, I really like red! /lh
by demonkoala October 14, 2020
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Short for Life's Hard.Used when something bad has happened to someone or for a epic fail.
Bob: I just got dumped by my girlfriend.

Jill: Lh
by ClickerFest September 03, 2017
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laughing hysterically
Boy 2: LH! You're an idiot!
by The Cartune June 16, 2010
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short for "light hearted", it's too help give context to something in case someone takes it the wrong way
I hate this man with my whole heart 😃😃 /lh
by gwommm November 10, 2020
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