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A beautiful and kind hearted girl who is devoted to family. If you have a Leyli in your life keep her! She's amazingly gorgeous with her big brown eyes! She takes great pride in what she does and never gives up on a friend.
Did you see that girl! She's stunning! Bet you she's a Leyli!
by Mocha moo moo September 18, 2017
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A feminist woman that is so powerful,she likes to order others.(one day I will be her boss and I will order him :-). )she wants to show others that she study a lot of books, recently she is going to loan Sinohe to someone.
Her best friend is Zahra.
Also she is famous with raisin, or raisin without tail
-I have a leyli friend.:-(
-God bless you
by SPogba August 17, 2018
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A sexy girl who is horny AF and has a very great taste in movies,songs etc
She has big brown 👀
Leyli is in love with a boy named mohsen
by RoxanneJippsie August 16, 2018
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