a stupid website where kids go to "read" and instead get anxious cause the narrator won't shut up
teacher: kids, it's t5me to do Lexia core 5!! kids: NOOOOO NO WHHYYYYYY- EEEEENNNDD THIIIIIIIS AAAAAAAAAH teacher: uuuh
by your big brain buddy May 18, 2021
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A website that claims to teach kids “reading” but instead makes some kids rage in madness. There’s Lexia making kids rage because it won’t save their answers for some reason, but at least it gives you certificates for completing each level. The most special certificate is the one where are you completed the last level of Lexia Core5. Then you put it somewhere that's safe. later it crumbles a lot or a little bit so it’s basically a piece of trash now even though it’s a certificate. for you it might not be a piece of trash but for me, it’s basically a piece of trash. It’s also living hell and it doesn’t really teach you a lot about reading. it didn’t really teach me about reading but I did pass through most of the levels. “And yes, I use Lexia Core5 for some reason, don’t ask me why.”
Teacher: Time for Lexia!!!!!!
Student 2: *gets a 4x4, RPG, and a shotgun and shoots chromebook*
Also it’s telling me to include the word being defined so I’m gonna do it. lexia core 5 is a website that teaches reading but is actually living hell
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