Something that is extremely painful, and also happens to girls. The worst excuse for a break-up known to the world today. This is commonly used when the person in question has no legitimate reason to break up with you, as it will usually stun you so much that you will be unable to ask for an explination.

Also, in many opinions, a cuntish thing to do.
Boy: Can we just be friends? I don't think this is going to work...

Girl: ... sure... *PAIN* (This conversation would likely be followed by tears, and a month of depression. "Lets be friends? Nooooo!")
by The Electromancer December 27, 2007
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Woman speak for, "You fucked up, I'm dumping your ass" Mostly used when they don't have a reason for breaking up.
Girl: "Lets just be friends"
Guy: "This is the third time this week......"
by The Nochturnal Romainain September 05, 2004
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When a woman has no interest whatsoever but would like to maintain you on so she can revel in the attenion that you unwittingly shower over her while excruciatingly telling you ever detail of her other partners that makes you want to jump off a bridge.
Lets be friends

Yea thats a good idead
by Jayson Reynolds September 06, 2009
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this is when she tears your heart out... you most likely will go home and cry and wonder what you have done wrong like me right now...
i would never cheat on you, i never want you to be sad, i will always be there for you.
by what did i do wrong? May 20, 2004
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This is how a guy tries to manipulate women in order to intervene in your relationship with your boyfriend. This is obviously a lie and you should not listen to the guy unless you want to be manipulated into having an affair. These guys do not care about you, they just want to use you for sex and they are willing to destroy your love life just to get in your pants. Once they do, they will disappear forever. If you try to break it off with them because you are faithful, they will make it seem like you are just a mean person, but you are not mean, this person is manipulative.
"Hey you're beautiful can I have your number?"
"Oh, um... I have a boyfriend sorry."
"It's not even like like girl, can I just have your number and we can just be friends."
"Um, okay I guess."
Yeah, lets be friends."

(No, bitch. This is exactly the same as, "Let's just hangout." They are going to try to fuck you.)
by MiseryandCompany October 28, 2014
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When a guy & a girl are usually in the talking or dating stage of a relationship and the guy tries to kiss her, but it sucks. She doesn't want to be mean because she didn't like the kiss, so she tells him that they should just be friends.

OR: The guy or girl really likes the other, but they know that the other is a freak with lots of people.

Syn: sluts, man slut
At a party, Girl sees Guy with Chick on his lap. Guy comes up to Girl after Chick licks his face.
Guy (to Girl):"Hey, let's go get a drink & then sit on the couch."
Girl: "Hey, let's be friends."

by Bazzle March 06, 2005
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it's what girls say to say they're not ready for a relationship, already are in one, or you're the wrong gender for her, but she still likes you and want's you to stay around, often mistaken as a "fuck off"
guy: let's be friends!
girl: i'm not looking for a boyfriend, let's be friends!
guy: rude!
girl: ok then, let's not be friend then
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by rubythecatgirl May 21, 2019
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