The practice of Searching For Delicious with out Saviour, Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear, also in Animal Collective). You must wear a panda hat during worship and follow the 9 untitled prayers. You mustn't take pills for it is against Lennoxism.
Lennoxism follower#1: "Did you say your 9 untitled prayers last night?"

Lennoxism follower #2: "Yeah, except my panda hat tore a bit during worship"

Lennoxism follower #1: "Tis okay, our leader doesn't care about material things or a social status."
by Panda Buurrr November 6, 2010
lennox is the universal word for god of all men. your typical adonis with the perfect looks and personality. only downfall in some cases can be loud snoring like a wild animal with a blocked nose but this will not stop you falling for him as soon as you see him.
also can be used to describe a natural leader.

loved by all his friends even more than they realise, too modest. all in all a real catch.
once you have a lennox as a friend or partner dont let him go!!
hilda - hey albert have you seen mark lately?

albert - yea i saw him today at the 2nd hand toilet roll shop.

hilda - oh he really does care about the enviroment, hes such a lennox oooo i need a lennox in me!!
by brownlungs December 6, 2010
biggest pimp name in the universe usually has huge penis
by chadid December 5, 2007
A total Savage on the highest level, a caring person in general. He is the most dangerous person when made mad and won't stop at nothing until your beaten close to death. Also thinks with his dick before his heart.
Stop acting like a total Lennox.
by Ramen eggshells August 7, 2018
A Lennox is a funny and caring person, they make you laugh and they are flirty. They are the popular kind of people but they kinda stick. They can be cocky but their attitude is based on how people treat them
A Lennox is a great person
by Kate_Frankcombe1tas March 24, 2020
you can never truly put into words how perfect Lennox is. he is smart, handsome, popular, great at art, and an amazing boyfriend. if you have been lucky enough to meet Lennox, do your best to keep him around
i love Lennox
by Disnord February 13, 2022