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When someone gets a lame ass asian tattoo with out any knowledge as to what it actually means.
Person 1: Nice tat!
Person 2: Thanks, it means power!
Person 1: No it doesn't, it's the symbol for lemon chicken on that chinese take out menu.
by Tyler Hawkins June 27, 2005
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When you used to love eating something, but now it makes you want blow chunks when you think about it.
Man, I lemon chickened those fries.
by dude March 22, 2004
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Any person who shows up within the last five minutes of a retail establisthment's business day. Usually requesting lengthy and/or difficult services. Also exhibiting no awareness or remorse for the obvious inconvenience they have just caused all of the employees.

They are referred to as lemon chicken because theyve already taken the time to eat their dinner THEN decided to take care of their crap at the last second. You can usually smell the lemon chicken they ate for dinner on their breath!
Employee: "Get ready to stay late guys, here comes a lemon chicken!"
by Jeb Dietz February 03, 2010
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