a follower who mimics others appearance and actions, usually dictates to a leader of a certain group.
leader: do you want a burrito or a burrito bowl?
lemming: burrito
leader: i'm craving a burrito bowl
lemming orders: can we please have one burrito bowl?
by 3lemmings0leaders January 18, 2011
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A character from a video game that has green hair, a snouted face, and blue clothing.
This lemming is a blocker.
by 4 am June 3, 2017
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A person who follows everyone else. The word comes from the little monkey, where if one of the monkeys jumps off a cliff, they all do. Someone who follows the herd.
"I hate how they only do it if everyone else does. They're such lemmings."
"You know how if one lemming jumps off a cliff they all do? Well thats a good comparison of them. I mean, they're such lemmings!"
by Megan!! December 8, 2005
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Animal for which the non-existant Lemming Virus was named. Symptoms of this virus that isn't recognized by any medical textbook no matter how old or new include:
• Spontaneous seizures in which the afflicted shrieks "MUST...DROWN..MUST..DROWN" and leaps toward the nearest body of water
• Acquirement of a Lemming World season pass
• Building a K'Nex Rippin' Rocket rollercoaster model in such a way that the track cuts off just over the hill, resulting in the car flying off the track and smashing into a wall
• Wishing to shrink him/herself to be able to ride in the K'Nex roller coaster car to enjoy this adventure
by Psylence February 9, 2004
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a preson who belives anything if you tell them its cool
that fashionista is such a lemming
by lemmings 101 April 22, 2005
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A person participating in Fantasy Sports who picks up a terrible player off the waiver wire because the player did something unusually good the day before.
All the lemmings picked up Tie Domi from the wire today because he scored a goal last night. After a few weeks of Tie not doing a thing for them the lemmings will all drop him.

by bumpin' ugly October 6, 2006
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