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A label used at the University of Southern Maine to describe someone who just isn't right in the head. This term comes from the fact that many of these people sit on the left side of the cafeteria. Many freshman are wrongly called this name because they do not know better: they tend to figure this system out fairly quick.
Joe: man, that guys just not with it is he?

Pete: what do you expect? he's a regular left-sider.

Joe: Ahhh, makes more sense now.
by huskybuck October 30, 2010
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Left-sider is a term used at the University of Southern Maine by "right-siders" (those who sit on the right side of the cafeteria). According to the "right-siders", sitting on the left-side supposedly is a big taboo in terms of social status. The right side for the most part is occupied by jocks, ROTC members, Fraternity boys, Sorority girls, and those who spend way too much time worrying about their social status. One can only wonder if those who sit on the right side have anything better to do with their lives other than coming up with stupid labels and quasi-discriminatory terms. This is college, not high school... so grow up!
Right-sider: All the kids who sit on the left side are weird... those left-siders are losers!

Friend: Dude... really? Grow up, this isn't high school.
by usmGaysian November 21, 2010
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-Noun; Boy's or Girls that make a Giant ass deal about LEFTSIDE. Usually are hood rats, or white and think they're thuggin. LEFTSIDERS are HOT MESSES. They get glammed up, (Glam to them, and Glam to a normal person are two totally different things) and go out and get totally shit faced, sweaty, and STICKY. They're Complete filth. 85% Of the LEFTSIDERS are sexually relived on the dance floor and the other 15% pass out before anything can happen.

yeah i got totally drunk at left side

we are such leftsiders
by fierceness123 February 28, 2009
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