One that attends New Jersey wars with a certain pride that no one else can achieve. Also known as "The Nuts", this word derives from the Antarctican word "Eftut" meaning "sexual predator."
Leftnut was dreaming that he was buying a NIB SuperMAXX 500.
by LDM October 22, 2004
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An insult to one, usually stupid or retarded, always sagging, or sticking out.
Shut the fuck up you retarded left nut.

Also can be used to decirbe an action etc.

Thats so left nut.
by Sean Ellis November 13, 2003
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The passenger seat of a car.
Also known as "shotgun:
"I have left-nut"
"I call left-nut"
by Aylo April 02, 2007
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the left testicle

a left wing screwball

anyone on the political left
Those left nuts sure are radical insane extremists and they sure do like to suck eachother's left nut.
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