To have friends or family that pretend to look out for your best interest, but these persons only send you cards or gifts when you complain. To complain and not have anyone listen except when it bothers a friend or relative personally.
I was left banked at that last job. The accounting department would never say hi to me unless I was at the company picnic with my ex.
by bobbie_fisher April 25, 2009
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the peculiar yet somewhat predictable transformation certain young American celebrities experience upon going Continental (i.e., living or working in Europe). Akin to drugstore cowboy.
American actress Kristen Stewart has now made not one, but two, yes two, French films. Probably on the advice of her agents and handlers she has subsequently done the following :

1) shaved her head (like Sinead O'Connor);

2) dyed it blonde (like Annie Lennox);

3) and entered what appears to be her first serious lesbian/same sex relationship (like any number of American female expats of the last century).

I suspect before long she will also be sporting a Parisian accent, opening a salon, quoting Baudelaire, Cocteau, and Satre' incessantly, and complaining endlessly about all those bourgeoise, materialistic Americans who care only for money and nothing for art. Like Gwyneth Paltrow and so many others before, Kristen Stewart has become a left bank cowboy.
by Virgin Suicides May 6, 2017
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