This is a common term in Australia for lebanese people. In particular young male lebanese (15-30 years old).
A few lebbos mates and i went and did some burnouts at maccas!
by DarkKlown April 7, 2008
Lebbos is another word for Lesbians frequently used by females in Australia.
by Superfluous June 30, 2006
Lebbo is slang for Lebanese.

Lebbo's are considered by Syria and Saudi's to be of a lesser class of Arab. Therefore Lebbo's are expendable to Syria and the Saudi's to use as they’re own private fuck puppet against Israel.

Lebbo is slang for a Lebanese living in a foreign country that has dual-citizenship that still believes they have the right to vote and make decisions for their mother country Lebanon, even after having not lived their for over 20 years or more, and some not even holding citizenship anymore. See Delusional.

A Lebbo is someone who refuses to accept the ways of another country, but takes advantage of that country i.e. welfare, tax etc and believes they have a superior right to still make decisions in Lebanon based from a foreign country.

In a sense a Lebbo is a man or woman that is still mentally living in Lebanon but physically living in a new country i.e. Hypocrite, Third World Trash and Culture Melt.
The native Lebanese said in a local news article that although they appreciate the input from Lebanese who have immigrated all over the world, they did not want homeland decisions made or pushed on by immigrated Lebanese people who had not visited in the past 20 years or who just use Lebanon as a tourist vacation spot once in awhile. Thanks, but no thanks!

The Lebbo was arrogant and set in his ways that he would never budge! A sociology-psychiatrist said that a culture melt would fix him up in the end.

The Lebbo went back to Lebanon, although never having been born there, felt that since his parents were Lebanese and he occasionally went on vacation in Lebanon that gave him the right to direct Lebanon's political and social affairs from his new country. See emotionally raped and parents.

The Lebbo had not realized that having arrived in her new country that she had undergone a culture melt. When going back to Lebanon although her family was happy to see her, they couldn’t help but notice that through westernization she seemed different in appearance and attitude.
by The Moody Poet August 21, 2006
When a leb is preparing to spit and you hear the "hccccaaaaaaaaaa" sound for a lengthy period of time and then you see a giant projectile of spit launching from their mouth and it usually has pieces of tuna and their dad's foreskin in it.
Watch out he's gonna do a lebbo spit
by BigDickBear445 June 13, 2019