- a leathery crow is when you fist a girl while wearing a leather glove, then proceed to eat out her asshole, then in the process to lubricate the fisting proceed to pour Old Crow whiskey down into her ass and vagina. Continue over and over again until bottle is empty, you are drunk, and her vagina looks like a empty trash can.
Did you hear that Max gave Judy a Leathery Crow, she said she didn't stop having orgasms for two whole days.
by poopshipdestroyers09 April 24, 2011
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The act of motor boating a set of old saggy tits
You give that old girl a leathery boat last night you funny cunt
by distort the sender February 16, 2015
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a sun burnt vagina with a raisen like cliterous.
Woofie went to hawaii and when he came back he had the dryest leathery cavern.
by some kid with a huge penis January 7, 2010
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A leathery cheerio is another word for the abused and aged anus of a woman. Or now a days also for a man.
Bro have you seen her leathery cheerio?!
by Sinning saint December 15, 2017
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